• How many players are recommended?
  • We recommend between 2 to 8 players, but you can always talk to us, explain the situation and we will always have a solution.

  • Are there any age restrictions?
  • While there is no age restriction, we think games will be a bit difficult for children under the age of 10. However, this decision is at the discretion of the responsible adults. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • How can I make a reservation?
  • You can book through the following numbers:
    Or via an email: indicating the date and time you want is the number of players, we will contact you later to confirm the reservation.

  • How far in advance should I arrive?
  • It is recommended to attend about 10 minutes before the scheduled time, so we can prepare the game is to give a brief explanation and information about the game.

Make you Reservation.